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There are some very important breastfeeding essentials that make life much easier as a new mommy. Breastfeeding can be stressful, complicated, painful and rewarding. There are some top products on the market now, that breastfeeding mommies can use to increase milk supply, pump more milk, make breastfeeding less painful, and find more comfort in breastfeeding your baby.

Our list is comprised of breastfeeding essentials that have been used and rated by breastfeeding mothers, and that hold up to our standards on being high quality, comfortable, well-manufactured, successful and the ablility to make life much easier.  These are the breastfeeding products that have ranked as the best products for breastfeeding moms.

The top-ranked, hands-free breastfeeding pump:

best ranked hands-free breast pump

When looking into the top hands-free pumps, we felt that the Elvie Pump because of the amazing reviews on their website. They offer a single or double, so you can do one side at a time, while nursing baby on the other. Many of the mothers who’ve used this product report that they were able to pump easily, hands-free, and sliently.

There is an Elvie Pump app, that hleps monitor milk supply volume when pumping, as well as control the pump remotely.

The pump is also very smart. It swtiches modes from stimulation to expression when it senses a let-down, so you can get the most out of your pump session. There is a 90-day warranty, and it does qualify for HSA/FSA.

This is a great video discussing the product, and we highly recommend you grab it on Amazon for free shipping!

Best Manual Breast Pump:

best manual breast pump haakaa

The Haakaa is a newer manual breast pump that is helping many woman pump more milk. The Haakaa has thousands of top-rated reviews on Amazon, and we completley agree with all of them. Many mothers are surprised at how a simple product can bring them such a great supply, and we have experienced the same.

Best Breastfeeding Cover:

breastfeeding cover the best

This breastfeeding cover is affordable, ranked as Amazon’s #1 choice, and we’ve tried it. It is comfortable, easy to wash, can be used as an infant seat cover, and comes in many different colors and patterns.

The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags:

best breast milk storage bags

The Elvie Pump doesn’t come with storage bags. Teh milk is collected into the resuseable pump bottles, which then the milk can be poured into various types of storage bags, and we think these are the best on the market.

We love that these ones can go straight into a bottle, so you don’t have to pour them into a bottle. You can connect them to the Kiinde bottles, and have the baby feed directly from the bag. They also have a twist-top, which keeps your milk more portected from spilling. We also love that you can pump directly into the bag (with this adapter for various pumps), which saves breastfeeding mamas a precious few extra minutes of work. There were some reports of issues with the seal on a few of the Amazon reviews, but we didn’t experience that issue. We found these bags to be easier to use, and less leaking than the standard bags.

Best Affordable Breastfeeding Pump: 

best affordable breast pump

This pump has is very similar to our runner up, but we felt this one was so affordable. Many mamas want a breast pump as a back up, or when needed, and don’t need an expensive caddilac version. Our runner up has thousands of positive reviews, and our first choice is newer, but Amazon is offering a coupon with this product, which makes it even more affordable. The pumps are light weight, easy to assemble, easy to clean, and don’t take up a lot of space when packing and carrying.

Best Portable Breast Pump For On-The Go:

Portable Breast Pump

This is a great, well-reviewed protable breast pump. Many working mamas pump while on-the-go, mainly driving. One mama in our group would pump for twins at home on the way to work, and on the way home. Sometimes it is easier to have a pump for the car, and one main one at home. It saves time and transporting various equipment moving from place to place. This pump is light, simple and affordable to use when you need it. It has hundreds of positive reviews, and we felt it did exactly what it was supposed to do.

The Best Luxury Pump Bag:

luxury pump bag

The Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag is made specifically for breastfeeding mamas wanting a bag that is a little more stylish than the standard pump bag. It is high-quality, easy to clean, well reviewed, and super classy. There are a few different designs and patterns, but the classic black looks so clean and classy, we decided this was our best choice for the luxury pump bag option.

Best Affordable Pump Bag: 

affordable pump bag

This is a great, simple pump bag with back pack straps to make it easier to carry around. It is light-weight, easy to care for, and has the right amount of compartments for all the things. It is easy to keep clean with a bottom cooler spot to keep all the milk. A really great buy for pumping mamas.

Best Bottle Cleaner: 

Knowing if your bottles are clean is really important. Being ablel to properly clean them yourself is hard as a breastfeeding mommy. This system is a complete steam that is a higher temperature than your dishwasher, which is why it is really an awesome product to have.

The Best Pumping Bra – Hands Free:

the best pumping bra

This is a hands-free pumping bra by Bravado! designs, which we’ve been fortunate to be able to try. They make high-quality, soft nursing and pumping bras that hold up to the demands of frequent use. There are mulitple colors available, and hundreds of positive reviews from pumping mamas.

The Best Nursing Bra: 

This nursing bra by Kindred Braverly is a top-rated, comfortable and well-made nursing bra that mothers love, and we do too. It is described as the most comfortable nursing bra, and we agree. There are many styles and colors, which helps keep it personal and fun as well.

The Best Nursing Pillow:

nursing pillow

This is the best nursing pillow because it has support for mamas back, and support for baby. It also has a holder for anything in the front, and basically looks like the perfect nap spot.

The Best Milk Catchers:

milk catchers

These are fabulous milk catchers, that will help you save all the milk you can. We recommend these because they are efficient, pour easily into storge bags, and have amazing reviews. A fairlly new design, we were very impressed how well they worked.

The Best Lactation Powder:

the best lactation powder

We highly recommend this lactation protein powder, which is formulated for weight loss as well. Many mamas struggle with sugar cravings, weight loss, nourishment and milk supply. This powder tastes amazing, blends as a smoothie, mixes with water or milk, and makes the perfect snack or meal replacement.

This is our list of the top breastfeeidng essentials. There are numerous products we can recommend, but these are the essentials that every breastfeeding mama needs to surviving and thrive.

The top-rated breastfeeding essentials every breastfeeidng mama needs.