7 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply – Fast (tested and proven)

7 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply – Fast (tested and proven)

We are milk supply experts, and we put together a list of tested and tried methods to increase your milk supply quickly. This means that you can expect a quick increase in your supply when you really need it. Sometimes your supply needs to increase for your baby, and other times there are unexpected needs for stored breast milk.

It is really important to have a stash of breast milk in your freezer in case of emergency. Many seasoned moms have learned the hard way that having a stored supply is really important. There can be simple issues that pop up for new mommies. If mom goes out to dinner, but gets stuck in traffic or car trouble, that alone can be the difference between having to use formula or having enough milk supply on hand.

Increasing milk supply isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. As long as you follow our tips, you can get your supply back up fast.

7 Tried and True Tips To Increase Milk Supply Fast:

Use baby to nurse one side while you pump the other:

This is a really great way to increase your milk supply fast, especially the milk you are able to get from your pump. Using baby to stimulate the let down increases the amount of milk you can accumulate from your bottle. It can be difficult when you switch sides, but use baby again to encourage that side to continue producing, and the other side to make more. If you aren’t a frequent pumper, this works really well to get some milk stored up right away. If you can do this for a couple days, or at each pumping session, your supply will increase very quickly.

Increase water intake:

Breast milk is fluid, meaning that if you can ensure you are properly hydrated, your supply will have more liquid to pull from. You can also drink powerade, gatorade or other electrolyte drinks that have potassium, magnesium and sodium to keep your minerals balanced. Be careful with all the extra sugar in these drinks, which can throw off your blood sugar levels.

Use tested lactation boosters:

There are numerous herbs that will dramatically help with your lactation because years of ancient practice, studies and motherly wisdsom have proven these herbs and supplements work. We highly recommend this protein powder for overall nutrition and milk supply help. This is a nutritional supplement that was formulated for postpartum mothers, with hand-picked vitamins and ingredients that are necessary for new mommies. The protein powder contains all the herbs that have been proven to increase milk supply consisting of fenugreek, fennel seed, brewer’s yeast and milk thistle. There are also numerous teas and drops you can grab to help your body produce more milk. Many of these are available on Amazon, with reviews to help you decide which one is best for you. This tea is one of the best:

Wear baby more often:

This is often a forgotten tip in many of the breastfeeding articles out there, but it really helps. Keeping baby closer throughout the day can increase your pheromone production and connection. Skin to skin is so important right after birth, and as baby grows. A newborn, and even older baby needs to be close to mama for an encouraged connection and simulation of breast milk production. Think about how the production slows down as baby starts crawling and walking. It is a natural progression that as baby begins to need mama less, mama produces less milk.

Use a lactation massager:

New mamas are raving about this lactation massager, and the theory behind it is solid. Breast massage has been recommended for a very long time to increase milk supply. Massage stimulates the let-down, and you can use it hile you are pumping.

Use the right pump + falanges:

Many mamas didn’t know they were using the wrong pump or falanges, which was affecting how much milk they were able to collect. A lactation consultant can tell you if you have the right fit, or this resource is really helpful.

Eating more nutrient-dense foods, not calories:

Many mamas think if they eat more, their milk supply will increase or come back up. That isn’t technically the case. Eating more nutrients that support a healthy postpartum and lactation is ESSENTIAL Some of the best, nutrient-dense foods include:

  • sweet potatoes
  • quinoa
  • spinach
  • berries
  • nuts
  • oatmeal
  • apples
  • hummus

These are easy foods to add to your diet every day, and they offer many nutrients that your body needs for your milk supply. A lot of mamas have had success following this diet program, and this cookbook is nothing short of amazing for milk supply.

You can find more tips and tricks on our blog concerning milk supply, breastfeeding, pumping and more. We are also building a Facebook group to encourage mamas to share their tips and tricks, as well as support each other in the struggles of breastfeeding and postpartum life.

There you have 7 amazing tips to increase your milk supply fast, when you really need it the most.